ATM and IP over ATM Basics (TK320)

Participants must have basic knowledge about mobile networks and the basic networking concepts are recommended.
For background knowledge, we recommend the TEKonsult courses Introduction to IP network and UMTS Network Technology.
Target groups

The target group should be from all areas who wish to learn the ATM technologies and its implementation in UMTS Network.

Duration 2.0 days
Course content ATM BASICS
  • Network Transfer Mode
  • ATM cell
  • The ATM cell header
  • ATM connections
  • ATM as a transport network
  • Statistical multiplexing

ATM Traffic and Resource Management

  • ATM traffic management function
  • Traffic Contracts
  • ATM Service Categories
  • Resource management in ATM network
  • Routing and Digit Analysis

  • ATM Protocols and Signaling

    • ATM protocol
    • Physical Layer
    • ATM Adaptation Layer
    • Switching in ATM network
    • Signaling in 3G mobile network
    • ATM as a transport network in 3G network