GPRS Basics (TK611)

Prerequisites General understanding of telecommunications
Target groups Personnel needing an overview of GPRS
Duration 3.0 Days
Course content Introduction to 2G
  • Mobile networks evolution
  • Data transmission rates in 2G mobile networks

GSM & GPRS Overview

  • GSM Subsystems
  • GSM Radio Interface Concept
  • GPRS benefit
  • GPRS applications

EDGE Overview

  • EDGE description
  • Enhanced GPRS description

TCP/IP Introduction

  • Internet Protocols and OSI model
  • IP routing
  • IP networks components

GPRS Architecture

  • GPRS specific network elements
  • Open interfaces in the GPRS network
  • Packet transfer between GSNs

GPRS Air Interface and Protocols

  • Layers protocols
  • Physical and logical GPRS channels
  • coding schemes

GPRS Traffic Management

  • Mobility management
  • Session management
  • IP addressing in GPRS