GSM Network Elements (TK210)

Prerequisites Participants should have some basics and technical knowledge
in telecommunications
Target groups Personnel, technicians or engineers, working on GSM equipment
Duration 2.0 Days
Course content Mobile Station
  • Mobile Equipment
    • Mobile Equipment Types
    • Functionality
  • Subscriber Identity Module
    • The SIM as a Database
    • Advantage for the Subscriber

Radio Network Subsystem

  • Base Transceiver Station
    • Architecture and Functionality of BTS
    • BTS Configurations
    • Connection types BSC-BTS
  • Base Station Controller
  • Transcoder

Core Network Subsystem

  • Home Location Register
  • Authentication Center
  • Visitor Location Center
  • Mobile-Services Switching Center
  • Equipment Identity Register

GSM Basic Features

  • Cell Selection/Reselection
  • Handover
  • Power Control
  • Adaptive Multi-Rate
  • GPRS/EDGE Overview
  • Location Services
  • Other Features