GSM Signaling (TK212)

Prerequisites General knowledge about the architecture, terminology and modes of operation
of GSM is recommended.
For required background knowledge, GSM network element course is recommended
Target groups Personnel requiring an in depth radio Network Signaling explanation.
This course provides an in-depth description of protocols and signaling
procedures used in the 2G networks
Duration 5.0 days
Course content OSI Reference Model
Air Interface

  • The Structure of the Air Interface in GSM
  • Physical and Logical Channels
  • Logical Channel Configuration
  • Interleaving
  • Signaling on the Air Interface
  • LAPDm
    • LAPDm Structure
    • LAPDm Message Types
  • Air Interface Messages

Abis Interface

  • Channel Configuration
  • Signaling on Abis Interface
  • Dimensioning over Abis interface
  • LAPD
    • LAPD Structure
    • LAPD Message Types
  • Abis Interface Messages

A Interface

  • Signaling System Number 7
    • Message Transfer Part
    • Signaling Connection Control Part
    • User Parts: TCAP, MAP, BSSMAP…
    • SS7 Message types
    • Addressing and Routing
  • A Interface Signaling
  • Dimensioning over A interface
  • A Interface Messages