IMS Signaling (TK632)

Prerequisites Participants should have advanced knowledge of TCP/IP and Voice over IP
and also good knowledge on SIP and Diameter protocols.
Participants should have attended the TEKonsult course SIP signaling,
Introduction to IP Networks and IMS Network Introduction
Target groups Participant from all areas who wish to get an advanced knowledge of IMS:

  • Service specialists
  • System engineers
  • Personnel responsible for troubleshooting IMS
  • Personnel who operate and maintain IMS
Duration 4.0 days
Course content IP Multimedia Subsystem
  • Introduction of IMS into the 3GPP Architecture
  • IMS Standardization Overview

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

  • SIP functions and protocol stack
  • Basic SIP flows
  • SIP message routing principles
  • SIP message body - session description protocol
  • SIP extensions

DIAMETER Base Protocol and Cx/Dx/Sh DIAMETER Applications

  • Diameter Functions and Tasks on Cx Interface
  • Diameter Messages and Parameters
  • Diameter Procedures on Cx, Dx and Sh Interfaces

e2/e4 Interface - DIAMETER Protocol

  • Diameter Functions and Tasks on the e2 Interface
  • Diameter Functions and Tasks on the e4 Interface

Gq' Interface - DIAMETER Protocol

  • Bearer Authorization, Policy Enforcement and Decision
  • Gq' Diameter Application
  • Gq' Diameter Messages and Parameters

H.248 - MEGACO

  • H.248 tasks and architecture
  • H.248 Connection Model: Terminations and Contexts
  • H.248 Commands
  • Non-Call Related Transactions
  • Overview on the Ia Interface

Voice over IP - Real Time Transport Protocol

  • Real Time Transport Protocol
  • Real Time Transport Control Protocol