IPv6 (TK711)

Prerequisites Participants should have basic knowledge of TCP/IP network and especially
the IPv4 addressing and technology.
For knowledge background, we recommend the TEKonsult course Introduction to IP Network
Target groups Participants who wish to get a technically oriented overview of the technology,
applications and internetworking of IPv6
Duration 3.0 days
Course content Introduction to IPv6
  • Why IPv6
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Comparison

IPv6 Addressing

  • Binary Number Representation)
  • IPv6 Addressing

IPv6 Header Information

  • IPv4 Protocol Stack
  • Ipv6 Protocol Stack
  • IPv6 Dual Stack
  • New Header Format
  • IPV6 Extension Headers

ICMPv6 Network Operation

  • ICMPv6 Message Types
  • ICMPv6 Ping Operation
  • Neighbor Solicitation
  • Neighbor Advertisement
  • Router Solicitation
  • Router Advertisement
  • DHCPv6 Overview
  • ICMPv6 Redirect
  • ICMPv6 Multicast Messages
  • ICMPv6 Time Exceeded Destination Unreachable
  • ICMPv6 MTU Path Discovery

Routing Services and Protocols

  • Routing Protocols Supported by IPv6
  • RIPng protocol
  • OSPFv3 Protocol
  • BGP Protocol

IPv6 Security

  • IPSec Tunneling
  • IPv6 IPSec Overview
  • IPSec Framework