LTE Advanced (TK412)

Prerequisites Participants must have advanced knowledge of LTE Air Interface and LTE/EPC
Network. For background knowledge, we recommend the TEKonsult course
LTE Air Interface
Target groups Participant from all areas who wish to get an overview of the advanced
LTE network

  • Telecom engineers and technicians
  • Project Managers
  • Customer Managers
  • Sales Managers
Duration 3.0 days
Course content StandardizationHistory
  • LTE/LTE-A standardization
  • The IMT Advanced process
  • IMT Advanced Performance Requirements

LTE Release 8/9

  • LTE Channel Architecture
  • OFDM basics
  • LTE Radio Frames
  • DL/UL Radio Channels
  • DL/UL Transmission Procedures

Enhanced MIMO Support

  • Transmission Mode 8 (Dual Layer Beamforming)
  • Transmission Mode 9
  • Non-Codebook Based Precoding
  • New Reference Signals (DM-RS & CSI-RS)
  • Uplink MIMO Transmission
  • Other UL Features (SORTD, multi-cluster allocation)

Carrier Aggregation (CA)

  • CA Concept and Options
  • Carrier Combinations and Bandwidth Classes
  • Primary and Secondary Serving Cells
  • Impact of CA on Control Channel Usage
  • New PDCCH/PUCCH Formats
  • Cross-carrier Scheduling
  • New UE categories for R10 and R11

Relay Architecture

  • Network elements for relay operation (Relay Node, Donor eNB, embedded SGW/PGW)
  • S1 and X2-Interface Proxying via D-eNB
  • Mapping and multiplexing of UP bearers
  • Tx/Rx timing between Relay and Donor eNB (Scheduling, HARQ and use of MBSFN Subframes)
  • New control channel: the R-PDCCH
  • Start up and configuration of the Relay Node

Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)

  • HetNet Deployment Scenarios
  • Problems in a HetNet Deployment Scenario
  • Inter-cell Interference Coordination (ICIC, R8)
  • Enhanced ICIC- Frequency Domain Solution
  • Enhanced ICIC- Time Domain Solution
  • X2-Interface Signaling Supporting Hetnet

Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP)

  • CoMP Concept
  • Joint Processing
  • Coordinated Scheduling/Beamforming
  • New Control Channel: the E-PDCCH
  • CSI Reporting for Multi-Cell Operation
  • Summary of 3GPP Simulation Results for CoMP