LTE Air Interface (TK411)

Prerequisites Participants should have basic knowledge of GSM, GPRS and UMTS.
Participants should have attended the TEKonsult course LTE Basics.
Target groups Personnel requiring a detailed understanding of LTE Air interface operation
such as Radio network planning/optimization/performance engineers with
experience in the fields of 2G/3G.
Duration 3.0 days
Course content LTE Air Interface Protocols
  • LTE Protocol Architecture
  • RRC and MAC Functionalities

OFDM and Modulation Technologies

  • Modulation Basics

LTE Radio Channels

  • Logical Channels
  • Transport Channels
  • Physical Channels
  • Channels Multiplexing

Physical Channels Mapping

  • TDD and FDD Frames
  • Physical Layer Procedures
  • DL Physical Channels
  • UL Physical Channels

LTE Radio Resource Management

  • Overview of UE Mobility Activities
  • RRM Functionalities (Admission Control, Handover Control, Power Control)

MIMO Technology Overview

  • Fundamentals of Multiple Antennas Theory
  • Physical-Layer MIMO Performance