Linux Level 1 (TK010)

Prerequisites No required prerequisite. This course is for users of Linux who want to start
building skills in systems administration on Red Hat Linux.
Target groups End-users, programmers or integrators who are new to the Linux environment
Duration 2.0 days
Course content Linux Presentation
  • Introduction
  • System Architecture (Kernel, Processes, Memory handling)
  • Linux Users

Linux files

  • Directories
  • File Types
  • Access Rights
  • Super User

Linux basic commands

  • Shell
  • Environment Variables
  • File handling Commands
  • Input/output Redirections
  • Redirection from/to files
  • Redirection to Pipes
  • Task Managing
  • Scripts and Commands

Linux Utilities

  • vi
  • Text Filters
  • Process Handling
  • File system Handling


  • Definition
  • Process Creation
  • Process Supervision