Linux Level 2 (TK011)

Prerequisites Participants should have attended the TEKonsult course Linux Level 1
Target groups The course is designed forend-users, programmers or integrators
who are working in the Linux environment and users of Linux
who want to start building skills in systems administration on Red Hat Linux
Duration 2.0 days
Course content Directory Tree Overview
  • /etc
  • /var
  • /proc
  • /usr
  • /dev

File System Administration

  • Filesystem Details
  • Mke2fs
  • Ext2, Ext3 File Systems
  • fsck
  • File System Attributes
  • Commands and Files

Linux Networking

  • IP Connectivity
  • Ethernet
  • Bridging
  • IP Routing

Memory Management

  • Virtual Memory
  • Swap Space Creation
  • Using Swap Space
  • Allocating Swap Space
  • Buffer Cache

User Administration

  • User Accounts
  • Creating Users
  • Managing Users Properties
  • Removing Users