PDH/SDH/OTH technologies (TK811)

Prerequisites Participants must have some technical knowledge in telecommunications,
and some basic knowledge in PDH & SDH
Target groups All personnel starting a sequence of SDH training, from Planning
and Engineering to Management Experts and Service should attend
Duration 2.0 days
Course content PDH Technology
  • ANSI/CEPT standards
  • Description of the Frame structure
  • Principles of PDH Multiplexing

SDH Technology

  • ITU-T Recommendations for Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  • Description of the STM-1 Frame structure
  • Multiplexing of SDH Signals
  • Synchronization of STM-1 Frames
  • STM-1 Signal: basic elements

Mapping of PDH/ATM over SDH

  • Mapping of PDH signals over SDH
  • Mapping of ATM Cells over SDH
  • Concatenation of Payloads


  • Principle and Functions
  • Types and structure

Description of the Overhead and its functions

  • Overhead Functions
  • Section Overhead : MSOH & RSOH
  • Path Overhead

Monitoring of the SDH signal

  • Bit Interleaved Parity
  • Remote error Indication and Remote defect Indication
  • Alarm Indication signal