QOS in IP Networks (TK712)

Prerequisites Participants should have basic knowledge of TCP/IP network and technology.
Participant should have attended the courses Introduction to IP network
and IP routing
Target groups Participants who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge of QoS enabled IP
Duration 3.0 days
Course content The need for QoS
  • QoS from an application perspective
    • Delay profiling applications
    • VOIP
    • Video
    • Interactive applications
    • Bulk transfer applications
    • Non delay apps
  • QoS from a network perspective
    • Bandwidth VsQoS
    • Burst management

Different approaches to QoS

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Packet Classification

QoS Mechanisms

  • Diffserv
  • Rate Limiting and Policing
  • Queuing and scheduling methods
  • Discard mechanisms
  • WRED
  • Graceful discarding
  • Layer 2 frame prioritization
  • Special considerations for VOIP
    • Packet discard strategy
    • Matching telephone GOS to QoS

Network Monitoring Tools

  • QoS Monitoring and Measurement Criteria
    • Drop rate
    • Round trip delay
    • Jitter
    • Uptime
  • Sources of QoS performance data