The Evolution of Mobile Networks (TK110)

Prerequisites Participants must have an experience in the mobile network environment
Target groups Participant from all areas who wish to get an overview of the evolution
of mobile networks from GSM to LTE Advanced: General Managers,
Project Managers. Customer Managers, Sales Managers, Human Resource Managers
Duration 3.0 days
Course content The Mobile Networks and its Evolution
  • Introduction
  • The Standardizations
  • GSM Systems and the Evolution to GPRS and EDGE
  • UMTS Networks and HSPA
  • LTE and EPC Systems
  • Charging and Accounting
  • Future of Mobile Networks

The Evolution of Mobile Services

  • Introduction
  • Service Layer Overview
  • Terminal Technologies
  • Service Enablerss
  • Service Categories
  • Voice in LTE

The Evolution of Mobile Telecommunication Market

  • Introduction
  • Trends and Drivers and Market View