UTRAN Signaling (TK312)

Prerequisites Participants should have advanced knowledge of GSM, GPRS and UMTS.
Participants should have attended the TEKonsult course "UMTS Network
Technology Overview" and/or "WCDMA for UMTS"
Target groups Personnel who operate and maintain RAN network.
Duration 3.0 days
Course content UMTS Interfaces and Protocols
  • UTRAN Architecture
  • UMTS interfaces overview
  • Protocol Stacks in UMTS Network

CS Call Setup

  • RRC Connection Setup
  • Service Request Setup
  • Radio Access Bearer Setup
  • Transport plane Setup
  • Iu-CS call Setup Procedure

PS Call Setup

  • Attach and Detachs
  • PDP Context activation and deactivation
  • Iu-PS Call Setup Procedure

HSDPA Call Setup

  • HSDPA Overview
  • HSDPA Iub Resource Reservation
  • Description of HSDPA call setup

HSUPA Call Setup

  • HSUPA Overview
  • HSUPA Iub Resource Reservation
  • Description of HSUPA call setup

Handover Procedures

  • Intra Frequency Handover Procedure
  • Inter Frequency Handover Procedure