Prerequisites Participants should have basic knowledge of UMTS Technology and architecture.
For background knowledge, we recommend the TEKonsult course
"UMTS Network Technology Overview"
Target groups Personnel who operate and maintain 3G RAN network
Duration 3.0 days
Course content Introduction to WCDMA
  • Main Technologies in WCDMA
  • Spreading and Despreading
  • Multipath Radio Channels and Rake Reception
  • Radio Resource Management

Physical Layer

  • Transport Channels multiplexing
  • Spreading and Scrambling Principles
  • User Data Transmission
  • Air Interface Signaling
  • Physical Layer Procedures
  • Terminal Radio Access Capabilities

High-Speed Packet Access

  • Release ’99 WCDMA Packet Data Capabilities
  • Spectral Efficiency, Code Efficiency and Dynamic Range
  • High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
  • High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA)