OTN: Optical Transport Network (TK8 12)

Prerequisites Participants must have some technical knowledge in telecommunica ons,
and some basic knowledge in optical transmission principles. Fiber op cs basics course is recommended.
Target groups All personnel starting a sequence of SDH training, from Planning
and Engineering to Management Experts and Service should attend
Duration 2.0 days
Course content Introduc on to OTN Mul plexing and mapping principles
  • Mul plexing
  • Mapping
  • Inser on of client signals

Overhead descrip on

  • OTS OH description
  • OMS OH description
  • OCh OH description
  • OTUk OH description
  • ODUk OH description
  • OPUk OH description

Maintenance signals

  • OTS maintenance signals
  • OMS maintenance signals
  • OCh maintenance signals
  • OTUk maintenance signals
  • ODUk maintenance signals
  • Client maintenanc e s ignal