Prerequisites Participants must have some technical knowledge in telecommunications
Target groups Technician and engineers working in the access field.
Duration 3.0 Days
Course content Overview on WiMax
802.16 Family and RF design
  • An overview
  • An insight into IEEE 802.16 WiMAX

Wimax air interface

  • Introduction
  • Physical Layers
  • MAC Layer
  • QoS

Introduction on OFDMA

  • OFDMA System Architecture
  • OFDMA System Properties
  • Coverage and Capacity

Wimax Applications

Wimax security

  • Security in WiMAX
  • Privacy Key Management (PKM) Protocol

Voip over Wimax

  • Voice over Ethernet via IEEE 802.16
  • QoS Strategy for VoIP Services over
  • E 802.16
  • Conclusions

Current trend with wimax

802.16 QoS architecture

  • QoS Components and Architectures