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Since 2000, and through a series of remarkable accomplishments, TEKonsult established itself as the leader among telecommunications companies in Munich/ Germany. 
Our company serves Germany and the whole world introducing the latest technologies in the fields of: project management and consulting, training and course development, e-government, e-education and documentation. We have strong partnerships to various IT and Telecom vendors, service providers, content providers and e-learning portal providers.
We integrate solutions using high qualified resources with ITC skills from Germany and all over the world. Our main objective is simple, to provide our customers with the best services at the best prices on the right time. We believe that we can only grow and succeed if we prioritize the interests and the needs of our customers.

Our clients are nominated corporations with international presence, e.g. Siemens, Orascom Telecom, DiGi Telecommunications, Saudi Telecom Company, Sudan Telecom, Comsoft GmbH, Tunisie Telecom, etc.

Please refer to the page References for more details.
Our brand: Boosting Success through Innovation


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Munich Germany

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