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Telecom Solutions
TEKonsult is a leading German company specialized in services for governments, Image
suppliers and carriers of the IT and Telecommunications industry as well as operators and service providers acting mainly in the fields of telecom solutions: (PDH Links ,Billing Solutions and SMS-CRM ).

We offer a wide spectrum of professional services that include training in several fields: mobile networks and fixed networks.
  • Mobile Networks: GSM, GPRS, UMTS:
    • Radio Access Subsystem: OAM, Commissioning, Radio parameters (BTS, NodeB, BSC, RNC …)
    • Switching Subsystem: OAM, Commissioning, Signaling (MSC, MSS, MGW, HLR, SGSN, GGSN …)
    • Operation Subsystem
    • Transmission: SDH, PDH, Optical Networks (ADM, Regenerator …)
  • Fixed Networks: Legacy Networks and NGN (Exchange, Soft Switch, SGW, MGW, etc…)


Frame Agreement with INPT RABAT
Certification of Engineering and PHD studentsTEKonsult Certification Unit
Munich Germany

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