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Certification Courses

5G NR Air Interface

1.The need for 5G

2.5G NR-RAN Architecture, interfaces and protocols

3.5G NR Spectrum

4.Multiple access and Physical resources

Multiple access scheme
Multiple numerologies
Physical resources

5.Bandwidth part operation

6.NR Frame structure

NR Frame structure
Slot and Mini-Slot
Slot patterns

7.5G NR Channels and Physical Reference Signals

5G NR Channels and Physical layer signals
Synchronization signal
Physical reference signals

8.Physical-layer-processing chain

Channel coding
Modulation scheme
Multi-antenna systems in NR

9.Massive MIMO and beamforming principles

Active Antenna System
Massive MIMO and Beamforming principles
Multi-antenna technology in NR

10.Beam Management

Beam based design
Beam Management
Beam Management in initial access
Beam Management in connected state
Beam measurements
Beam recovery

11.Random access procedure

Initial random access
Random access procedure
Beam based PRACH

12.NR Mobility

13.Multi-RAT Dual Connectivity

Multi-connectivity in cellular networks
Multi-RAT Dual Connectivity in 5G
Network interfaces
Non-standalone Option 3X
Next steps in NR Rel.15 and beyond

14.5G System QoS

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