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Course Modules

1. Architectural Concepts and Designs Requirements

1.1. Cloud computing concepts
1.2. Cloud reference architecture
1.3. Security concepts relevant to cloud computing
1.4. Design principles of secure cloud computing
1.5. Trusted cloud services

2. Cloud Data Security

2.1. Cloud data lifecycle
2.2. Designing and implementing cloud data storage architectures
2.3. Designing and applying data security strategies
2.4. Data discovery and classification technologies
2.5. Data protections for personally identifiable information

3. Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

3.1. Cloud infrastructure components
3.2. Analyzing risks associated to cloud infrastructure
3.3. Designing and planning security controls
3.4. Planning disaster recovery and business continuity management

4. Cloud Application Security

4.1. Cloud software assurance and validation
4.2. Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) process
4.3. Secure Software Development Life-Cycle Application

5. Operations

5.1. Supporting the planning process for the data center design
5.2. Implementing and building physical infrastructure for cloud environment
5.3. Running physical infrastructure for cloud environment
5.4. Managing physical infrastructure for cloud environment
5.5. Building logical infrastructure for cloud environment

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