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Course Modules

1. Cloud Service Management Fundamentals

1.1 History of Cloud Computing
1.2 Basics of Cloud Service Management
1.3 Service Perspectives
1.4 Relationship with IT Service Management (ITSM)
1.5 Cloud Service and Support Models

2. Cloud Service Management Roles

2.1 Cloud Management Roles
2.2 Service Management Roles
2.3 Organizational Roles

3. Cloud Service Strategy

3.1 Cloud Strategy Fundamentals
3.2 Key Drivers for Adoption
3.3 Risk Management Overview

4.Cloud Service Design, Deployment, and Migration

4.1 Basics of Cloud Service Design
4.2 Dealing with Legacy Systems, Services, and Applications
4.3 Benchmarking of Cloud Services
4.4 Cloud Service Capacity Planning
4.5 Cloud Service Deployment and Migration
4.6 Cloud Marketplace

5. Cloud Service Management

5.1 Cloud Service Management Perspective
5.2 Cloud Service Level Management and Service Assurance
5.3 DevOps in a hybrid IT and Cloud Computing Environment
5.4 Managing Cloud Service Configurations
5.5 Change Management for Cloud Computing Environments
5.6 Reacting to Demand for Cloud Services

6. Cloud Service Economics

6.1 Pricing Models for Cloud Services
6.2 Procurement of Cloud Based Services
6.3 Cloud Service Charging
6.4 Cloud Cost Models

7. Cloud Service Governance

7.1 Basic Governance Definitions
7.2 Cloud Governance Framework
7.3 Cloud Governance Considerations

8. Showing the Value of Cloud Services

8.1 Understanding the Value of Cloud Services
8.2 Linking the Value of Cloud Services to Strategy
8.3 Measuring the Value of Cloud Services

9. Popular Service Management Frameworks

9.1 Best-Practice Frameworks
9.2 ISO Standards
9.3 Governance Frameworks
9.4 Cloud Standards

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