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Course Modules

1. Home Subscriber Server Overview

1.1. Basic Concepts
1.1.1. HSS Appearance
1.1.2. HSS Description
1.2. HSS System Architecture
1.2.1. HSS Functionalities
1.2.2. Data in the HSS Administrable Subscriber Data Mobility Data
1.3. Protocols & Reference Points
1.3.1. Diameter Protocol
1.3.2. Mobile Application Part Protocol
1.3.3. Procedures in HSS-IMS Environment Cx Procedures Dx Procedure Sh Procedures Dh Procedures
1.3.4 Procedures in HSS-EPC Environment S6a/S6d Procedures Wx Procedures SWx Procedures
1.3.5 HSS-HLR Interworking Hd Call Flows
1.4. HSS – Database Interworking
1.4.1 User Data Convergence
1.4.2 Database Access Protocols Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Service Provisioning Markup Language Simple Object Access Protocol

2. HSS-IMS Interworking

2.1. IMS Basic Concepts
2.1.1. IP Multimedia Subsystem Architecture
2.1.2. IP Multimedia Subsystem Identifiers
2.1.3. Call Session Control Functions
2.1.4. IP Multimedia Subsystem Core
2.1.5. Protocol Stacks
2.1.6. Authentication Schemas HTTP Digest AKA AKAv1 AKAv2
2.2. HSS-IMS Procedures
2.2.1. Cx Interface Procedures User Authorization Server Assignment Location Retrieval Multimedia Authentication Registration Termination Push Profile IMS Restoration Procedures
2.2.2. Dx Interface Procedures SLF Usage
2.2.3. Sh Interface Procedures Read Transparent/Non Transparent Data Update Transparent Data Subscription For Notifications Notifications Triggers
2.2.4. Dh Interface Procedures SLF Usage Proxy Usage
2.2.5. Zh Interface Procedures General Bootstrapping Architecture General Bootstrapping Architecture Procedure General Bootstrapping Architecture Push Procedure

3. HSS-EPC Interworking

3.1. LTE/EPC Basic Concepts
3.1.1. EPS Architecture
3.1.2. EPS Reference Points & Protocols
3.2. HSS-EPC Procedures
3.2.1. S6a/s6d Procedures Update Location Cancel Location Purge UE Insert Subscriber Data Delete Subscriber Data Authentication Information Retrieval Reset Notification
3.2.2. Wx Procedures Authentication Vectors Retrieval WLAN Registration Notification Update of User Profile (HSS Initiated) Retrieval of online charging / offline charging function addresses from HSS WLAN Deregistration Notification Network Initiated Deregistration
3.2.3. SWx Procedures Authentication Vectors Retrieval UE Registration Notification AAA-initiated UE De-registration Notification HSS-initiated UE De-registration Notification PDN GW Identity Notification from AAA Server PDN GW Identity Notification from MME/SGSN HSS-initiated User Profile Update Procedure AAA-initiated Provide User Profile Procedure

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