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Course Modules

1. System Architecture

1.1. Determine and configure hardware settings
1.2. Boot the system
1.3. Change runlevels / boot targets and shutdown or reboot system

2. Linux Installation and Package Management

2.1. Design hard disk layout
2.2. Install a boot manager
2.3. Manage shared libraries
2.4. Use Debian package management
2.5. Use RPM and YUM package management

3. GNU and Unix Commands

3.1. Work on the command line
3.2. Process text streams using filters
3.3. Perform basic file management
3.4. Use streams, pipes and redirects
3.5. Create, monitor and kill processes
3.6. Modify process execution priorities
3.7. Search text files using regular expressions
3.8. Perform basic file editing operations using vi

4. Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

4.1. Create partitions and filesystems
4.2. Maintain the integrity of filesystems
4.3. Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems
4.4. Manage disk quotas
4.5. Manage file permissions and ownership
4.6. Create and change hard and symbolic links
4.7. Find system files and place files in the correct location

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